Group Admins can now connect with each other

  • Posted On 26 July 2018
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How many Facebook groups are you a part of? Quite a few. How many Facebook groups do you participate in? Very few. This could be because of multiple reasons, one of the biggest ones being not-very-good admin activities, lack of support, or unruly co-members. Towards the end of October, Facebook announced a few excellent updates to its Groups as a consequence of their first-ever Facebook Communities Summit held in June this year. These new updates, Facebook says, will “help them (group admins) grow and manage their communities.”

Each member will have a badge

It is difficult to identify members in a group. Who are the new ones? Who is the admin? Who are the moderators? Well, Facebook has put an end to that confusion with the introduction of badges. Now each member can be given a badge, making him easily recognizable.

Welcome posts will automatically be tailored

Welcoming new members is critical. They feel supported and confident that they can interact in the group with ease. Until recently admins had to manually add the new members to the post but with the recent update, they don’t need to worry about it. It is all automated!

Admins now have better, more efficient controls

Facebook has introduced multiple features that ensure that admins maintain a supportive and safe without having to spend hours together every week to moderate the content. Temporarily turning of a member’s ability to comment is one good step towards making curation easy. The Group Insights tool has also undergone specific updates, including personalized tips, to help post at the right time.

Members can now have personalized profiles

If you want to know more about a member, you can simply go through their personalized “member profile” which is built based on the amount of information that the member is comfortable sharing. Group Admins can now connect with each other Facebook has created an invite-only group for admins of various groups. They can connect with similar group admins in this special group and share feedback and experiences. Apparently, meetups are also in the offing. Are Facebook Groups now more engaging and fun? Are they easier to maintain? Let’s wait and find out. If you are a Facebook Group admin yourself, we would love to hear your insights.

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