Here’s how you can stop seeing ads on Facebook

On an average, every sixth post you see on your Facebook Timeline is an ad.

While browsing through updates from our friends, coming across an ad can indeed be really annoying. But, you know, you don’t have to put up with it if you don’t want to. Facebook takes user experience very seriously, which is why it always lets you make a choice. It’s your timeline and you can customize it according to your preference.

how you can stop seeing ads on Facebook

Getting rid of those Sponsored Ads

You see these ads most commonly, don’t you? The word “Sponsored” below the page’s name shows you that you are seeing the ad without following it because the post was pushed to you through paid advertising. Here’s what you can do to stop seeing it:

First, click on the V you see on the right side of the ad.

Now, choose the Hide ad option.

You will see this dialog box pop-up. Choose your reason and hit Continue.

You’re done!

Now, you can go ahead and make more customizations. After you click on Done, you will see the below options exactly where the ad was:

You can click on Hide all ads from ******** if you only want to stop seeing ads from that particular brand or you can Manage all your ad preferences by clicking on the second option. You’ll be lead to your ad preferences. Scroll until you see Ad settings and expand it.

Change your settings here and you’re set!

Tired of being retargeted?

Remember the last time you shopped on Amazon and thought a pair of shoes was pretty? Did that pair magically appear on your newsfeed on Facebook? Congratulations, you’ve been retargeted!

Facebook allows businesses to (re)target those who have visited their website. It also allows you to opt out of this. Here’s what you should do:

Click on the little inverted triangle beside the question mark on the right -hand side of your Facebook home page.

You will see this set of options:

Now click on Settings, which is the penultimate option, right above Log Out. You will see a set of options to your left:

Click on Ads (fourth from bottom).

You will be taken to your ad preferences. Scroll down (just like you did for Sponsored Ads) and click on Ad Settings. You are looking for the second option: Ads on apps and websites off of the Facebook Companies. Click on it and choose “No” at the bottom.

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