Is online marketing better than offline marketing?

  • Posted On 6 April 2018
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Online. Offline. Offline. Online. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that our lives are infiltrated by these two words.

Technologically advanced, we do pretty much everything online now and marketing is no exception. There’s no denying, though, that offline marketing is still pretty popular and making a choice between the two mediums is often a tough decision.

Let’s take a closer look at each so we understand further.

Offline marketing

Also known as traditional marketing, this includes print, TV, and radio campaigns. Offline marketing has been popular for decades but in the light of online marketing, its recognition seems to have faded a bit. For example, ad spend on TV marketing came down from 18.9% in 2012 to 15.8% in 2015. There are many brands who still swear by it, though. Why?

  1. The visibility is tremendous:This is the biggest seller when it comes to offline marketing. Be it a newspaper ad or a TVC, the reach of the advertisement is wide. Hundreds of thousands of people see the ads even a conversion rate of 1% is pretty big.

  2. The longevity is much higher: Hoardings and TVCs, for example, stay for a long time. Of course, results may not be instantaneous but these advertisements leave an impression and the brand is remembered. Catchy jingles and slogans become a part of our lives before we realize. We are still familiar with Airtel’s Har ek friend zaruri hota hai jingle, aren’t we?
  3. It is quite effective: As explained in point 1, even 1% conversion rate amounts to a lot through offline marketing because of the visibility. Thus, it is safe to say that offline marketing is quite effective.

Online marketing

The Internet is quite new for many businesses but it has become attractive for a few reasons. The number one reason is word of mouth. More and more businesses are reaping benefits online and the curiosity is encouraging others to try it out as well.

Most businesses, it has been noted, give online marketing a try without expecting too much. They are online because everyone else is. Only after they start gaining benefits do they realize just how strong the platform is. Let’s take a look at the specifics here:

  1. It is very cost effective: Especially when you compare it with offline marketing, you will see that online marketing is easy on the pocket. This is one reason why businesses don’t mind giving it a try. They don’t mind losing a small chunk of their money to test the medium out and any benefit they reap is a bonus.
  2. It helps you reach the right audience: While offline marketing helps you reach a wide audience, online marketing helps reach the right audience. When we say right, we mean exactly who you are targeting. For example, advertisements about baby shoes would be useless to teenagers and single adults. Through Internet marketing, you can push your ads only to those who are married and have kids (in case of social media) or are looking for baby shoes or baby products (in case of Google). This will avoid spillover and ensure higher conversion rates.

  3. Just about every penny is accounted for: Online, you can analyze your spending. You can understand how much money is being spent on which campaign. You can optimize your campaigns accordingly to make them more effective. This is a major advantage that offline marketing doesn’t come with.
  4. You understand your customers: Online, you can interact with your customers directly and understand their pain points. You can find out whether they are happy using your services and how you can improve to serve them better. Understanding your customers also helps personalize ads according to their expectations, thus helping you connect with them. And, we all know emotional connection does magic!

Offline vs online marketing: The scales tip in whose favor?

It is important that you have a strong presence online and use this amazing medium to scale your business by reaching the right audience. Of course, offline marketing does wonders as well and if it has been working for you, we suggest you balance both mediums to obtain the highest benefit. One thing to remember is to ensure that both go hand in hand and you run similar campaigns together. This will help strengthen your branding. Your audience will find it easier to remember you.

What’s your choice in the battle of online marketing vs offline marketing? Let us know!

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