17 Google Search statistics of 2019 that will blow your mind

  • Posted On 21 May 2019
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Somewhere between fashion trends and marketing trends, we all grew up.

The marketing world is easily comparable to the many changes in the world of fashion, isn’t it? Every now and then we see a new trend that needs our attention. All our strategies then need to be aligned to it because a trend is “the now” and the foreseeable future.

This is why we decided to write about the latest Google Search statistics of 2019. Why Google? Because it occupies ~92% of the total search market in the world. Why statistics? Because they help you sketch out the Google trends. Let’s get started then!

  1. A typical search query is 3 words long.
  2. The average click-through rate of the first result on Google desktop is 31.5% while that on Google mobile is 24%.
  3. People trust ads on Google more than other search engine platforms. They are 4 times more likely to click on Google Ads.
  4. 53% of users abandon pages that take more than 3 seconds to load.
  5. Less than a minute – That’s the average Google Search session.
  6. 3% of Google search clicks are on images even though they appear in 11% of search results.
  7. Search network (Click-through rate: 3.17%) works better than display network (Click-through rate: 0.46%) on Google.
  8. 8% of all queries on Google are in the form of a question.
  9. 47% of keywords ranked from 1 to 20 ranked differently on desktop and on mobile in 2018.
  10.  25% of all web pages could benefit from compressed images because it reduces bounce time and improves the page rank.
  11.  3.5 billion Google searches are made on an average – every single day.
  12. 34% of “near me” searches are successful in helping users visit stores.
  13.  How to register to vote and how to vote were the two most searched “how to” queries in 2018.
  14.  How many times have you used Google to find a product? Apparently, 35% of searches for products start on this amazing platform!
  15.  Only 8.7% of queries on Google search are 4 words long.
  16.  Every year, there are at least 15% of completely new searches.
  17.  In 18% of the searches, users change their query without clicking on any search result.

Sources: Hubspot, Wordstream, Moz, Google, eMarketer

Which of these Google Search statistics did you find most interesting or surprising?

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