7 Steps to Create Winning SEO Content That Gets More Visibility

  • Posted On 24 August 2021
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Content marketing has proven to be the best organic growth strategy. Without the right SEO content strategy, your growth efforts would be futile.

Planning to win the long-term organic traffic battle? Here’s a reliable game plan to get you started:

Identify your Target Audience

Imagine listening to an ad you don’t connect with. You would hardly pay attention, right? The same is the case with online users. If you don’t create content that they relate to, they won’t read it.

So, you need to understand your audience. Know your current customers, your competitors’ customers, your offering, and your brand perception in depth. Then, use this information to segment your market and represent these observations through various user personas.

Define your Topic Areas

Now, start brainstorming topics based on their problems. Simultaneously, pick topics that interest your audience and enable you to showcase your purpose and expertise.

Go a step further and think about the one thing that differentiates you from your competition. Then, use it to stand out. Further, use the target audience analysis to create a list of topic areas.

Conduct Keyword Research

In this step, leverage the topic areas to come up with phrases you believe best describe your offering.

Then, run this list against a reliable keyword research tool. That way, you discover similar phrases you’ve missed out on and include them in your search too. Now, shortlist keywords with high search volume and low competition.

NOTE: Keyword research is much more nuanced. So, get an SEO expert on board to take care of it for you.

Study the SERPs

After searching for keywords, check your current competition for each keyword in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Analyze every detail such as type of content, media used in the content, and the structure of the content.

Using these details, chalk out your content strategy for each keyword or query.

Create Meaningful and Interesting Content

Now, start creating highly engaging and informative content. Don’t just stay restricted to blogs and articles. Go ahead and use the same keywords effectively in web pages, e-book, infographics, and white papers too.

Before publishing, check if you’re putting out the right information in a grammatically correct and pleasing tone.

Pro Tip: Focus on creating easily consumable content using the least jargon, and you’ll be good to go!

Optimize and Refine

Before publishing content, ensure you leverage every SEO opportunity by strategically using focus keywords in headings and the meta description. That way, you make it easier for Google to rank your page and index your site.

Even after your blogs are published, keep updating them with new information to improve your chances of ranking higher and being more visible.

Create Backlinks to Your Site

Simply optimizing your site isn’t enough. You also need to build ‘backlinks’ because Google considers credible backlinks as social proof in favor of your site.

So, try to get your site link featured on well-known and high-authority domains in your niche. Alternatively, create posts that are informative and relevant so that other blogs want to link to them. This way, you create high-quality backlinks that’ll help your SERP.

Final Thoughts

SEO isn’t just a one-time process. It’s a continuous process based on a customer-centric approach. So, focus on what your audience wants and provide it to them in a palatable manner.

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