Must you change your social media strategy to suit wearable technology?

  • Posted On 26 March 2019
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Nice watch. Is it a smartwatch?”

Have you either asked or been asked this question in the recent past? We are pretty sure you have. Wearable technology is slowly but remarkably taking over the world in the form of watches, shoes, and even T-shirts. Why? Because it is feasible.

From being able to Tweet from your watch itself and tying shoelaces with a tap on your screen, the world of wearables is fascinating to say the least. We aren’t surprised, thus, that the convenience has attracted many users and today, millions rely on their smartwatches for notifications and updates.

But, how does this change the social media marketing dynamic? Do wearable technology trends affect it at all? Have you stopped to think what this advancement might mean to marketers? We have.

Through analysis and research, we have concluded that wearable technology is here to stay and a force to reckon. In other words, we cannot take it lightly at all because the number of users is increasing by the day. In this article, we have penned our observations on how to adapt to this change from a marketer’s perspective:

We have to become more precise

The screen size, which many marketers already struggle with, is becoming smaller. Smartwatches barely give you any space. Imagine how concise and to-the-point we must be in order to convey your message in that limited space. It is a huge challenge, yes, but we have to embrace it sooner or later.

We should become better story-tellers

Instagram and Snapchat have spoiled all of us for the better and for the worse. These platforms help us tell our personal stories through a single image or a 10-second video. Your users are expecting the same from you. And, the tricky part is that these expectations will double when smartwatches become more and more popular (and they will soon). On a watch or even a T-shirt, the attention span will be very limited. How will you engage them within those few seconds? By telling a spectacular story in a concise and engaging manner.

We must become quicker and agile

Did you know that almost 50% of your users expect you to respond immediately (in less than an hour) on social media, especially when they mention you? Imagine how much this expectation will go up when social media is literally a tap away. They don’t even have to pick up a device anymore. It is on their arm always! So, engagement needs to go up drastically to keep up with users who are engaging with us through wearable technology. Erotic massage body rubs near me.

Wearable technology trends are catching pace rapidly. Are we prepared as marketers? Do we need to change our social media strategies accordingly? Click here to find out.

We can’t use the same calls to action anymore

We cannot treat wearable devices like we treat phones and computers. They differ in many aspects including the interface. Through a smartwatch, users can Tweet and reply to Tweets but they can’t click on any hashtags. They can’t follow links either. This means that we have to convey everything through Tweets without asking them to click on a link that takes them outside the platform. Tricky, right? We feel you.

We must provide value

If our content does not provide value to the user, the user will have no reason to come back or even follow us. Whether it is a phone or a watch, value still tops the charts and must be the focus.

Wearable technology trends may not be rampant right now but how long before the wind changes its direction? Technological advancements happen fast and if we aren’t future-ready, we aren’t ready at all. Let’s brace ourselves and embrace it whenever it comes knocking on the door.

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